Welcome to Supernatural Movies. This site  is intended as a personal guide to films with a supernatural theme. But what do I mean by ‘supernatural’?

In the case of the films I have included here, this means that the subject matter of the films concern supernatural / mythical creatures, ghosts/hauntings, spiritualism, witchcraft, occult, pagan and magical (not stage magic) themes. These  films might then come under the umbrella term ‘Supernatural Thrillers’, rather than horror or science fiction. So for example, the numerous versions of Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will not appear on this site, whereas Dracula, in which the protagonist is a supernatural creature, will be included. I have avoided films with religious themes.

Supernatural Movies.com - Blood-on-satan's-claw-1970The site is essentially a historical, but personal, overview of as many films from these categories that I know of, and that I think deserve inclusion. Supernatural-movies.com certainly doesn’t aim to be completely exhaustive and will always be an essentially personal selection of films in the genres included. The site is an ongoing project, and as such I will be adding new films regularly. I am beginning my survey of films in the 1890s  and will gradually work my way forwards in time, decade by decade.

So-called ‘lost’ films (those that were made, but no longer exist in any form) are not included at present. I will, however, add a separate section dealing only with these films at some stage.

Films are organised chronologically, by decade. So, for example, all films for the 1890s will be on the same page (or more than one page if there are a lot of relevant films for that decade).  So, one of the earliest film included here – The  Bewitched Inn (1897) is towards the top of the first page ‘1890s’. Some films which I think particularly significant, or which are personal favourites, are given more lengthy treatment on their own page.

Basic details about the film (director, year of release etc) are given as is a brief summary of its plot. Well-known films will tend to have much briefer entries than the more obscure,  as there is already plenty of information available about them.

Finally, if you’re looking for monster movies, gore or science fiction, I’m afraid you’ll need to try somewhere else.